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Required readings and videos: Chapter 8, The Special Period, in A
Nation for All, pp 317 – 334.
Whittle, Daniel; Santos, Orlando,
Protecting Cuba’s Environment: Efforts
to Design and Implement Effective
Environmental Laws and Policies in
Cuba, Cuban Studies, 2006, Vol.37,
FILM: The Greening of Cuba, 1996, 39
Required News Cuba & Covid:

Paper Guidelines:

Student Demonstrates Understanding of the Readings
Student’s Own Reflection/Point of View: Make sure you are addressing the question using class
readings and discussion, but your own perspective, experience too.

Use of Evidence: Use Appropriate Quotes, not excessive, citations. If you cite from the Discussion
Forums, even when citing yourself, make sure to add a parenthesis at the end of the quote that includes
the students full name and date of the DF.
Bibliography: At the end of the paper, you must include a section for the Bibliography. Your main
sources must be the assigned readings for that weeks topic question and lecture notes. You can include
additional literature, just make sure to add it to the Bibliography section.

What is the relationship between culture, environment and health?
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