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chapter 13
Papers should be argumentative. Carefully study the chapter and summarize it in your own words.  Your essays should be clear and concise.  If you are unsure how to start writing, you can begin with a brief description of the chapter and explain Rachels answer to this question.  The body of your paper should then develop an argument that supports your view. You are welcome to agree or disagree with the authors positionjust be sure to either support or criticize that position with reasons and an argument. Sum up the ideas presented in the paper in a clear conclusion.

College-level writing requires skill and should represent a high level of critical thinking.  Do not write a one-sitting, informal, stream-consciousness type paper (it shouldnt read like a casual email to a friend).  Make sure your ideas are clear and well-supported.  Ask yourself if you are making any unwarranted assumptions.

You are welcome to use sources outside of the textbook to inform or enhance your writing, but a minimum number of references is not required.  Just be sure to avoid any form of plagiarism and be sure to note your sources.  Also, feel free to speak in the first person. You should be expressing your opinions on these matters, but be sure to back them up with good reasons/arguments when you do.  Anyone can offer up a list of opinions or how they feel about something, so please avoid doing that!

What Would a Satisfactory Moral Theory Be Like?
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