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Expand the discussion of what you see as the major crux of our current issues with policing in America after listening and reading about the officer’s perspectives. Build upon the discussion from last week by including the perspectives from this week’s readings and information learned in the podcast. 


 Practice synthesizing ideas from contrasting perspectives. Your response should shown understanding of the content in this week’s course module on using sources as well as an understanding of the issues you have read about in the articles, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, and the podcast.  


Practice what you have learned about academic paragraph structure by writing a short paragraph that synthesizing the ideas of at least two of the sources that you have read so far in the class. Your post should have a main point or assertion, quotes from two different sources, explanation of the quotes, clear connections between the ideas in the quotes, and a closing sentence.


Here’s the podcast:


What You See As The Major Crux Of Our Current Issues With Policing In America After Listening And Reading About The Officer’s Perspectives.
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