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Writing Assignments: Each unit you will be tasked with writing an essay and three short answers to evaluate your understanding of the course materials. You will always be given a choice of questions to provide you with some flexibility in deciding which topics most interest you. Please post your responses in the assignment drop-box. My expectations are that you will write at least 4-6 informed paragraphs (each paragraph being about 5-6 sentences) for the essay questions, and at least one paragraph for the short answers. The questions will come from the text and from my notes of important literatures and concepts in international politics. When answering questions, I would urge you to provide a good background of the issue in your responses. Then go about demonstrating your points with specific examples and substantial evidence. Each unit assignment will be worth 20 points or about 10 percent of your grade.

Essay (Please answer only one essay question)

· Why do political scientists study world politics? Describe three goals of theory building in international relations. How does each of these goals add to the sub-field?

· Discuss the foundations of realism and liberalism in international relations theory. What are their foundational principles? Which one do you think has more saliency in the world today? Why?

Short Answer (Please answer three of five questions)

Explain three ways that world politics affects your personal economic condition.

· Describe three strategies by which you can make a difference in global politics.

· Define neorealism and neoliberalism. List three points of difference between them.

· How does world politics affect the environment? Be specific.

· How has war changed over the past century? Cite examples.

Why do political scientists study world politics?
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