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Have I stated clearly the purpose of my paper?  Is it limited to a
realistic length?

2.    Does my paper really deal with the topic stated?  Does it really move toward a conclusion?  Or is it a collection of quotations and summaries?  What contribution have I made to the discussion  of the topic?    Have I indicated my own point of view?  Have I added new facts to the discussion?  Have I made the discussion clearer?

3.    Is my paper well organized?  Is there a clear introduction?  Does the body of the text really deal with the issue?  Or is there irrelevant material?  Is the conclusion stated briefly?  Are my transitions from one point to another clear?

4.    Is my style grammatical and clear?  Is the punctuation correct?  Is my spelling correct?  Are there any typing errors?  (It is always a good idea to asked someone else to read you paper with an eye to correct spelling and grammar.)

5.    Are my footnotes or endnotes or in-text notes accurate?  Are my quotations exact?

6.    Is the final bibliography accurate and in proper order?  (It should be listed alphabetically according to the author’s last name.  Books that you originally thought you would use but were not relevant to your topic should be omitted.  All books that you used should be listed, even if they do not appear in your footnote/endnotes.

7.    Are the footnotes and bibliography in proper form?  Is the form consistent?  (The bibliographical entry should include author, title, place, publisher and date.

8.    Is my outline satisfactory for my paper as it now stands or does it need revision to reflect the content of the paper?

Women in Roman Politics
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